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DIODE - Half-Wave Rectifier
Pre-Lab Experience
Before experiencing the actual Virtual lab live experiments one should study the followings: 
  • Over view of the Virtual lab's live experiment page.
  • Half Wave Rectifier circuit diagram to be implemented on the virtual breadboard.
  • Pin diagram of the IC 741.
  • The resistor values available on the board to be used in the circuit design.
  • Equipments like function generator, power supply and CRO. How these devices can be observed and calibrated virtually.
  1. In live experiment environment one has to login or create the user id (if new) first and then go to the page shown below. Then select the Lab option L1 or L2. For integrator choose L1.

  2. Select the Half Wave Rectifier using Diode experiment from the experiments list.

  3. Place all the components on the breadboard. Place the Diode and resistor on the virtual breadboard.

  4. Connect the components on the breadboard as shown in the connected breadboard circuit at the bottom of the live experiment page nest to the circuit diagram.

  5. Connect the function generator to the diode.

  6. Connect the grounds of function generator and CRO channel 1 to the ground of the breadboard. To observe the output at CRO connect its channel 1 port to the capacitor. Note: the input waveform can be observe on CRO at channel 4 as function generators output signal is inputted to the CRO channel 4 externally.

  7. After verifying the circuit using verify icon on breadboard, lock the circuit design by clicking on the lock icon to operate function generator at the top left of the page.

  8. Click on open function generator icon to set the specifications as mentioned. For example set the frequency and amplitude of the input signal.

  9. To check the output of Half Wave Rectifier set the input wave. To run the circuit design one can then press run button on breadboard. Click on auto scale icon on CRO to automatically scale the output waveform.

NOTE: To verify the designed circuit one can check the logfile as shown below. 


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